For decades, Bertha Medina's family turned to Loma Linda University Health in trying times. Below, Bertha shares what happened when she became the one in need of life saving care.

My family has a long history with Loma Linda University Health.

My dad has undergone two open heart surgeries here, as well as treatment for prostate, colon and face cancer, and my mom had a liver transplant. The level of care that each of my family members, including myself, has received from Loma Linda University Health has always astounded me. It is unlike anything I have ever seen at any other hospital. I believe that is due in part to their faith-based mission, and in part to the caliber of the caregivers that are part of this institution.

Bertha Medina's Parents

Bertha Medina's mother and father

In 2014, I was diagnosed with breast cancer and began to receive treatment at Loma Linda University Cancer Center. Going through chemotherapy is not a simple journey, but a difficult and painful one. I did my best to stay positive throughout my treatment, though, and was determined not to let myself give up.

As I was going through that difficult season in my life, I was so grateful for the resources that Loma Linda University Health provided for patients like me. There were puzzles in the waiting rooms so that we would have something to do while waiting for treatment, and nutritionists that helped me know which kinds of foods would strengthen my body and help me fight the cancer. I was especially touched by how attentive and willing my doctors were to listen to my questions and concerns.

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I am so grateful to be cancer-free for five years now. Though I am currently struggling with heart failure, I make sure that every day I give thanks for being alive. I know that with the help of God and the caregivers at Loma Linda University Health, I will overcome any obstacles in my path.

I’m so grateful to God, and to my nurses and doctors for going above and beyond to give my family not only excellent physical care, but emotional and spiritual care as well. Their dedication to total patient care is why I chose to honor a number of my caregivers through Healing Hands, Loma Linda University Health’s grateful patient program. I know that patients like me do not always get the opportunity to thank their caregivers, and I wanted to take the chance to show them that they made a difference in my life.

The generous donations of the Loma Linda University Health community have enabled the care that my family and I have received for over 25 years. From the bottom of our hearts, thank you.

-Bertha Medina

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