Our distinguished transplant physicians are board certified in surgery or medicine and specialize in transplantation. We are committed to providing comprehensive medical and surgical care while treating the whole person and not just the disease.

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Our Specialized Teams

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The Transplant Team is comprised of physicians, nurses, financial coordinators and other medical experts who collaborate to ensure your transplant procedure goes smoothly and the recovery process is successful.

  • Transplant Coordinators – Nurses assigned to patients who help coordinate their care throughout the transplantation process.
  • Case Managers – Professionals who manage the discharge planning needs of patients and their families post-transplant.
  • Financial Coordinators – Financial professionals who assist with hospital billing methods, helping transplant patients with financial or insurance issues.
  • Immunologists – Laboratory technicians who perform lab tests that match organs and tissues with recipients. They also monitor the immune system before and after the transplant.
  • Nurse Practitioners – Nurses who work with the surgeons/physicians in caring for patients before, during and after their hospital stay.
  • Social Workers – Professionals who conduct psycho-social evaluations and help patients cope with illness. They also lead support groups and work with the transplant coordinator and families throughout the transplantation process.
  • Dietitians – Professionals who conduct nutritional evaluations of each patient pre- and post-transplantation. Dietitians provide guidelines to maintain a healthy weight and improve transplant outcomes.
  • Transplant Pharmacists – Pharmacists who teach patients about the prescribed medicines and monitor their post-transplant intake.

Transplant Hepatologists

Transplant Nephrologists

Transplant Surgeons

Transplant Cardiologists

Transplant Cardiac Surgeons