Intraneural Facilitation Therapy (INF®) Treatment is a safe, effective treatment for patients with neuropathy. INF® Treatment is also used to treat many other conditions in addition to chronic nerve pain, including migraines, sports injuries, AVN, fibromyalgia and more.

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Conditions Treated

Chemotherapy Induced Neuropathy

While the chemotherapy adversely affects the nerves, the blood supply to the nerve is also affected. INF® Treatment is able to improve the neural circulation and promote healing.

Diabetic Induced Neuropathy

Diabetes, even under control, can predispose someone to having a restricted neural blood supply. INF® Treatment acts to push through the restricted capillaries and restore neural circulation. 

Avascular Necrosis (AVN)

Avascular necrosis has been associated with nerve loss. INF® Treatment can decrease neural inflammation associated with AVN and dramatically improve patient function.


The most important aspect of nerve regeneration is having intact neural connective tissue with an open blood supply. INF® Treatment allows restoration of neural blood flow which promotes healing of neural connective tissue and nerve regeneration.


Migraines are associated with sympathetic nerve inflammation. INF® Treatment has successfully treated migraines in many patients by improving circulation in the sympathetic nervous system.


Neural inflammation and swelling are associated with concussions. Restoring neural circulation can significantly reduce the time needed for healing after a concussion.

Phantom Limb Pain

Phantom limb pain involves chronic inflammation of severed nerves, with nerve sensors reporting to the brain that there is pain in the limb that was amputated. INF® Treatment brings blood flow back to the nerves, thus reducing or eliminating pain.

Chronic Nerve Pain

Chronic nerve inflammation can occur when the immune system tries to fix nerve trauma and cannot. Immune cells are piled up, blocking blood flow and nerve pain becomes chronic. INF® Treatment pressurizes circulation into a “blocked” area relieving associated pain.


Fibromyalgia involves decreased circulation to nerves in the whole body. INF® Treatment allows for the restoration of blood flow to system nerves.

Balance Disorders

Being unable to feel your feet contributes to impaired balance since the body does not receive feedback from the nerves in your feet. Without this information it is difficult for the brain to decipher where your body is in space. With INF® Treatment, the increased blood flow to nerves in your feet will allow the brain to know where your feet are in space, thus promoting better balance.

Restless Leg Syndrome

INF has successfully treated restless leg syndrome and allowed patients with this disorder a much better quality of life.


Chronic regional pain syndrome involves sympathetic inflammation. Patients with CRPS appreciate the gentle nature of the treatment and have increased function as a result of the treatment.


Patients with sciatica have reported a significant reduction to elimination of their sciatic nerve pain after receiving INF® Treatment.