Program Didactics

The department offers a structured didactic teaching program for all residents.

Curriculum Highlights

  • Didactic Curriculum in Basic and Clinical Science of PM&R 
    • Didactics held on Wednesday for general rehabilitation topics & Friday for musculoskeletal medicine
    • Cover broad content of the specialty of PM&R over 12-month repeating cycle, generally following ABPMR Part I certification exam outline
    • EBM, Journal Club, M&M are included
    • MSK Ultrasound series are also held regularly
  • EMG/NM Disease Seminars held separately as integral part of the EMG rotation
  • MSK Anatomy, cadaver-based experience as lab assistants supervising medical students on gross MSK anatomy (includes cadaver-based MSK ultrasound and joint injections workshop)

Curriculum by Year


Categorical residents spend their PGY-1 year as prelim interns with our Internal Medicine (IM) department. Please see Internal Medicine website for further details.

Internal Medicine Curriculum


Brain Injury Rehabilitation (LLUH)
Elective (LLUH)
Outpatient Rehabilitation/Consults (LLUH)
Pediatric Rehabilitation (LLUH)
Stroke Rehabilitation (LLUH)
Junior Inpatient Rehabilitation (VA)
Outpatient Rehabilitation (VA)


Elective (LLUH)
EMG/Neuromuscular (LLUH)
Spinal Cord Injury Rehabilitation (LLUH)
Outpatient Rehabilitation (VA)


Elective (LLUH)
Pediatric Rehabilitation (LLUH)
Outpatient Rehabilitation (Kaiser)
Outpatient Rehabilitation/Consults (LLUH)
Outpatient Rehabilitation (VA)
Senior Inpatient Rehabilitation (VA)