Loma Linda University Medical Center’s Department of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation (PM&R) offers a residency program designed to train exemplary practitioners. Because PM&R is such a broad field, the program is specifically structured to provide experience in a wide variety of services.

Our program is integrated within three participating affiliated hospitals: Loma Linda University Medical Center (LLUMC), Jerry L. Pettis Memorial Veterans Medical Center and Kaiser Hospital. Residents receive excellent clinical training through exposure to a diverse patient population in the inpatient wards, ambulatory clinics and laboratory.

Application and Selection

The PM&R Residency Program is comprised of 19 residents.

LLUMC – Four positions are offered each year through ERAS, at the PGY-1 level, for an integrated four-year program. The clinical training will be at LLUMC.

One position is offered each year through ERAS, at a PGY-2 advanced level.

Applications for all positions are received through ERAS, applicants are assessed on the basis of academic record, references and personal qualities without prejudice of race, color, sex or religion. The program attempts to attract some candidates whose career interests are academic. Particular consideration in the selection of all candidates is given to those personal qualities that are important in the field of rehabilitation medicine. The residency committee makes the final selection.

Candidates for the PGY-1 & PGY-2 positions are invited to visit Loma Linda virtually for an interview.

Training Program

Throughout the three-year residency program, residents are supervised by a staff of teaching clinicians. As the resident progresses, he or she is given increasing clinical responsibilities and is expected to participate in the teaching activities for junior residents and medical students.

Most of the teaching occurs around individual patient encounters in the clinics and on the hospital unit. In addition, there are clinical teaching rounds, conferences and lectures on all services.

The PM&R department also conducts regular teaching rounds, seminars and a journal club.
The program is fully integrated in that residents are assigned to rotations at LLUMC, Jerry L. Pettis Memorial Veterans Medical Center and Kaiser Hospital. The assignments are made by the residency program committee, which takes into account the level of training, the needs of the resident, the wishes and career objectives of the resident as well as the balance of assignments between the three institutions. Some activities may be offered at all three.

Each of the clinical experiences is designed to facilitate rational planning of each resident's clinical assignments. Although a core experience is common to all residents, there is some flexibility in assigning specific rotations.

Residency Application

To apply to LLUMC’s PM&R Program, complete and submit your application through Electronic Residency Application Services (ERAS). Refer to the ERAS Timelines and Deadlines for further details.