Enhancing Your Graduate Medical Education-Ensuring Your Excellence

Education Concentration Program

The GME Office invites each resident to enhance their graduate medical education through participation in the Education Concentration Program. Each of the concentrations provide integrated, interdisciplinary approaches and are unique in that they offer residents opportunities to develop introductory and advance level study in a chosen area or allow them to explore potential areas of interest.

Chief Resident Workshop

The Graduate Medical Education Office encourages all LLUMC incoming chiefs to attend the Annual Chief Resident Workshop at LLUMC. Our underlying goal is to transform residents Into exceptional chiefs. The workshop is designed to provide incoming chiefs with more than a working knowledge of the Accreditation Council of Graduate Medical Education (ACGME), our educational foundation, and valuable information which will enhance their management, communication, and leadership skills. Highly interactive sessions are taught by seasoned faculty, current chiefs, and GME & LLUMC leaders and administrators.

GME Annual Education Conference

Our education conference is an annual event open to LLUMC Program Directors, Associate Program Directors, Coordinators, and institution administrators and educators. Issues the conference tackles reflect ACGME requirements, and/or regional/LLUMC GMEC topics. This program is also used to highlight GME initiatives and programs. Each year a hands-on workshop is presented to Program Directors and provides a network among PD to jointly discuss major education issues. The program offers a noteworthy stable of distinguishable national leaders to provide information for program and faculty improvement. Faculty development CME is offered.

Resident Research

GME provides funding for statistical consultation for resident research projects meeting criteria through the LLU Research Consulting Group. Residents can also participate in the Health Disparities Research Concentration. The Health Disparities Research Concentration is "tailor-made" to your specific department and residency program needs in collaboration with identified member(s) of your faculty that have already developed their careers in this respective area.

Faculty Development

There has been a recent surge of the advancement and enhancement of faculty development programs in graduate medical education. Traditionally, faculty in GME have taught as they have been taught, which only served to perpetuate teaching methods or practices that may have been ineffective at least and detrimental at most. The ACGME requirement that accredited institutions and programs provide faculty development opportunities has been instrumental in LLUMC, both at an institutional and program level, to provide opportunities in faculty development. Faculty development is offered in three distinct ways, 1) Annually at the GME Conference, 2) A GME sponsored week-long symposium on faculty development which programs can schedule independently, and 3) Faculty development sessions designed for individual programs and can be offered throughout the year. Faculty development is available for all forums.

Speakers Bureau

In order provide expert education forums for both faculty residents and fellows, the GME Office has developed a Speakers’ Bureau to provide a variety of expert presenters for Program Directors. The panel of experts includes individuals who can speak to the application of general competencies in their rotations or general education theories and practices including adult education. Program Directors are encouraged to call the GME Office for any area that is not represented in the list and the GME Office will work on facilitating their individual requests. The Speakers Bureau is updated annually. Program Directors and coordinators receive email notifications of any updates that are added throughout the year. Program Directors and faculty are encouraged to self nominate or nominate others. All nominees will be asked before listed.