Introduction to the Mentor Program

The GME Office is pleased to announce that we are now offering a Coordinator Mentoring Program. The Program is a combined effort bringing the skill and best practices of experienced program coordinators to those who are new to GME and those who desire additional training and support. The Coordinator Mentoring Program provides two areas of service. The mentor/mentee partnership provides coordinators with a go-to person for guidance, technical support, and resources to assist them in their responsibility in running an ACGME accredited program. The other service is a series of monthly workshops that will include sessions on the PCs’ responsibilities in the New Accreditation System. The current schedule of workshops can be viewed below.

For more information about becoming a mentor, please complete a Mentor Application.

If you would like to sign-up for a mentee/mentor partnership, please complete a Mentee Application

MedHub Tips & Best Practices

Creating Block Schedules

Integration of Milestones 2.0 in MedHub

Semi-Annual Evaluations

Communication Training Series

Beginning March 10, 2020, LLUH Residency Program Coordinators are invited to participate for a third year a new communication training series developed specifically for them. Presented by Dr. Martie Parsley from the GME Office, this series will offer certificates to coordinators who complete the full series. Coordinators who are not interested in the certificate are still welcome to attend any of the sessions. Because active participation is required; we are unable to accommodate call-ins for this series.

AWARE Series on Cognition and Well-Being - Psychological First Aid for Coordinators

In this episode, Stuart Slavin, MD, MEd, ACGME's Senior Scholar for Well-Being, discusses the role of Psychological First Aid (PFA) in providing support for individuals who have suffered some kind of trauma or other devastating event. We discuss the relevance of the approach to supporting to clinicians, patients and others managing the stressors of the pandemic, as well as the specific strategies used in PFA, which was collaboratively developed by a coalition of international military and non-governmental organizations as a response to victims of war, natural disasters and other traumatic events.
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