By giving together, we grow the future of health and wholeness.  

As a Loma Linda University Health employee, you see the impact of donations on a daily basis. Making voluntary philanthropic contributions is another way you can be part of strengthening our hospitals, schools and the countless people we serve.

What is employee giving?  

Grow Together is the official employee giving program of Loma Linda University Health. By participating in Grow Together, you can support projects that impact your own workplace. In addition, you’ll be even more confident that your work is changing lives. This happens as you watch your gifts in action through expansions of our hospitals, enhancements of lifesaving clinical care, and scholarships for students who would be unable to afford an education without that support.  

Two Ways to Grow Together 

We want giving to be easy and convenient for our employees. You can choose from one of these simple options.

Online Giving

  • Give conveniently to the area of your choice.
  • Give safely with our secure payment portal
  • You’ll know your gift can be put to use immediately. 

Payroll Deductions 

  • For employees who want to give each pay period, this makes budgeting simple. 
  • Choose an amount that works for you and adjust it anytime.  
  • Like other giving methods, payroll deduction allows you to support any area you choose. 
  • The Grow Together payroll deduction form makes it easier than ever to give. 
“When the Grow Together campaign first started, I knew this was something I wanted to do because I could choose where my donation goes.”

Employee Giving FAQ

How do I submit the Grow Together payroll deduction form?

Simply fill out the form online and submit. If you prefer to use the printed form, sign and send it via postal mail or intercampus to: Annual Giving Officer, Office of Philanthropy | MVP Suite B | Loma Linda, CA 92354. You may also fax it to 909-558-3537 or email it to  

When should I give?

The best time to give is now! By signing up for a payroll deduction, you can make a difference year round with just a small gift each pay period. 

How much should I give?

Any amount goes a long way when employees all give together. Signing up for a payroll deduction at an amount an employee feels comfortable with is the best way to make a lasting impact in a manageable way.

Are my gifts tax-deductible?

Yes, they certainly are! You may request to have your receipt mailed to you at the end of the calendar year. If you choose to give through payroll deduction, your gifts will also be reflected on your W-2 form as charitable donations. 


Can I make my gift anonymously?

Yes, Loma Linda University Health accepts anonymous gifts. We will protect the anonymity of any donor who requests it.

How can I support Stronger Together?

As an employee, you can support Stronger Together through Grow Together. Whether you give through payroll deductions or a one-time gift, you can designate your giving toward Stronger Together.

What happens if I switch hiring entities within Loma Linda University Health?

If you switch entities within the organization, your payroll deduction will need to be resubmitted. Please fill out a new payroll deduction form.

Start Giving Today 

Ready to grow together? Use one of the methods above to get started. For additional questions on employee giving, call the Office of Philanthropy at ext. 55373. You may also email us at