Our commitment to teaching began with our founding in 1905 and continues with the eight schools that make up Loma Linda University today. We believe integrating health, science and Christian faith prepares students to make an impact in the lives of those they serve. If you support these values, consider expressing that with a gift.  

We live to teach.

We are a renowned “teaching hospital” for a reason: Our passion to teach touches every interaction, from the university classroom to the hospital bedside. 

By meeting the greatest needs, our donors support the educational goals of our students. The areas of greatest need include: 


We awarded $6.5 million in scholarships for the 2019-2020 school year, enabling more than 2,700 students to pursue an education. We need your support to continue funding scholarships for bright, talented students who are driven to join the healthcare workforce and care for the patients of tomorrow.  


To teach our students and prepare them for careers, we need faculty to nurture and guide them in proven healthcare principles and sound medical practice. Your gifts ensure that we can support our faculty in their commitment to train and mentor tomorrow’s leading healthcare providers.

Mission Trips 

Our students serve in countries around the world where the need for hope, healing and whole person care is urgent. They bring tangible help in the form of medical care, dental care, health education, nutritional outreach and more. Consider donating to support the students who give their time and talents abroad.    

School Designations 

Our eight schools have unique needs that can only be met with the help of supporters like you.   

School of Allied Health Professions

With more than 50 programs ranging from certificates to doctoral degrees, the School of Allied Health Professions develops well-rounded, caring and compassionate healthcare professionals who pursue careers in critical occupations. They are the practitioners and technicians of tomorrow, and we need your help to continue educating them.   

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School of Behavioral Health

Community demand for mental health professionals has never been greater. Our degree programs in psychology, counseling and social work strive to meet that demand. We train students to restore wholeness and promote healing in the people they will serve. With your help, the School of Behavioral Health can reach more students and make more progress.   

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School of Dentistry  

Since 1953, over 8,000 School of Dentistry students have gone on to become lifelong oral healthcare professionals all over the world. Our students learn to balance clinical expertise with compassion in their practices. We’re committed to funding scholarships for as many future dental professionals as possible, and you can help meet the need with your gift. 

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School of Medicine

Our legacy of training quality physicians is undeniable. Our graduates become primary care providers, specialists and surgeons in a variety of fields. The school also trains physician assistants and future researchers, many of whom will develop innovative treatments. To continue this legacy for years to come, the school needs your support. 

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School of Nursing

As the founding school of Loma Linda University, the School of Nursing has cultivated excellence in nursing science since 1905. Today, our leading edge nursing programs develop expert clinicians, educators, administrators and researchers who benefit society in immeasurable ways. Your donations continue to make this possible. 

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School of Pharmacy 

Educating new generations of quality pharmacists is crucial to the future of healthcare. Our School of Pharmacy employs exceptional faculty, collaborates with doctors and integrates mission work for the benefit of our PharmD students. To help support the future of pharmaceutical care, give to this program today. 

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School of Public Health 

Support the next generation of global health experts, healthcare policy makers and community wellness advocates. With your help, our School of Public Health students are making an impact in nutrition, disease control and the way medical services are administered around the world. Start investing in the future of public health with your gift. 

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School of Religion

As an integral part of our faith-based, holistic approach to the health sciences, our School of Religion educates future chaplains, humanitarians and bioethicists. The school touches every student in the university, and many earn dual degrees so that faith will inform their practices. Your gift helps. 

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“Very few people realize how important scholarships are to some of us. We can’t help others if someone doesn’t help us.”