The world stands at the threshold of breakthroughs that will forever change how we think about fighting cancer. While the path forward is still full of challenging questions, we've never been closer to lifesaving answers. Every day, our cancer research programs take us one step closer to a future less burdened by cancer.

More than any other, one question drives our researchers to end cancer and the pain that surrounds it. The question comes from patients, and it's one of the most difficult to ask or be asked: "Can I beat this?"

We won't rest until there's only one answer, resounding and clear: "Yes. Let's get started."

Shared Resources

Breakthroughs in cancer research require state-of-the-art tools and expert support. Our shared resources provide these resources to facilitate cancer research efforts.
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Cancer Clinical Trials

Clinical trials help develop next-generation cancer treatments and offer hope to those with limited options. Volunteers have a chance to experience potential new treatments early.
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"Join me in congratulating Loma Linda University Cancer Center on its recognition as a NCI HPS, and thank someone near you who has participated in a cancer clinical trial. Without realizing it, they have done something that will save your life in the future."