Loma Linda University Cancer Center is comprised of 11 Centers of Excellence, making it the most comprehensive cancer center in the region.

Our experienced physicians treat every type of cancer with the latest cancer treatment technology, unique ancillary and support services.

Our Specialized Teams

Gynecological Cancer Providers

Head and Neck Cancer Providers

Hematology and Bone Marrow Transplant Providers

Medical Oncology:

Radiation Oncology:

Lung and Esophageal Cancer Providers

Pediatric Cancer Providers


Medical Oncology:

  • Dr. Batul Suterwala
  • Dr. Chelsea Collins
  • Dr. Shadi Farzin-Gohar
  • Dr. Albert Kheradpour
  • Dr. Chenue Abongwa

Radiation Oncology:

Prostate Cancer Providers