Healthcare Leadership

Richard H. Hart, MD, DrPH  President and Chief Executive Officer

Trevor Wright, MHA  Chief Executive Officer for LLUH Hospitals and LLUH Executive Vice President for Hospital Affairs

Angela Lalas, MBA, CPA  Chief Financial Officer for LLUH Hospitals and LLUH Executive Vice President for Finance

Tamara Thomas, MD  Executive Vice President for Medical Affairs

Lyndon Edwards, MBA, MHS  Chief Operating Officer for LLUH Hospitals and LLUH Senior Vice President for Health Facilities

Peter Baker, JD, MBA  Senior Vice President for Children’s Hospital

Ricardo Peverini, MD  Senior Vice President for Clinical Faculty

Jonathan Jean-Marie, MHA  Senior Vice President for LLU Medical Center – Murrieta

Alan Soderblom, MBA  LLUH Senior Vice President for Finance, Hospital Operations

Helen Staples-Evans, DNP, MS  Senior Vice President of Patient Care Services for Loma Linda University Health, Chief Nursing Officer, Loma Linda University Medical Center

Edward Field, MBA  Vice President for Behavioral Medicine Center

Sara Matus, JD, MBA  Vice President, LLU Medical Center Operations

Daryl “Rusty” Oft, MBA  Vice President for Business Development and Children’s Hospital Operations

Darryl VandenBosch, CPA  Senior Vice President for East Campus and Surgical Hospital

Eric Schilt, MBA  Vice President of LLUH Planning, Design and Construction

Mark Zirkelbach, MS  Chief Information Officer for LLU Medical Center

Tonya Okon-Johnson, JD, FACHE  Chief Compliance & Privacy Officer

Richard Chinnock, MD  Chief Medical Officer for Children’s Hospital

Adrian Cotton, MD  Chief of Medical Operations

Sherry Nolfe, DNP, MS  Chief Nursing Officer for Children’s Hospital

Denise Robinson, DNP, MPH, WOCN, FCNLA  Chief Nursing Officer for LLU Medical Center – Murrieta

Ihab Dorotta, MD  Chief of Quality & Patient Safety / Chief of Clinical Operations

Administrative Leadership

Rachelle Bussell, MA  Senior Vice President for Advancement

Raul Castillo, MBA — Vice President for Risk Management

Daniel Giang, MD  Vice President for Graduate Medical Education

Mark Hubbard  Senior Vice President for Risk Management and Human Resource Management

Kevin Lang, MBA  Vice President for Payor Contracting

Llewellyn Mowery, MS, CPA  Vice President for Finance

Emily Ndlela, MBA, CPA  Vice President for Finance, FP&A and LLUSS

Lizette Norton, MBA  Vice President for Human Resource Management

Mark Reeves, MD, PhD  Vice President for Institutes

Randall Roberts, DMin  Vice President for Spiritual Life and Mission

Michael Samardzija, PhD, JD  Vice President for Research Affairs

Myrna Hanna, MA  Corporate Secretary

Orlando Huggins  Assistant Secretary

Whitney Henderson, MBA  Assistant Secretary

Lucas Secor, MBA, CPA  — Vice President for Revenue Cycle 

Academic Leadership