Loma Linda University Health (LLUH) Community Benefit Reports collectively illustrate LLUH's unwavering commitment to addressing unmet health needs and promoting health equity in the Inland Empire. Explore these reports to discover the transformative impact of data-driven strategies and the invaluable role of collaborative partnerships in enhancing community well-being.

Current Reports

The Community Benefit Annual Report embodies Loma Linda University Health’s commitment to a thriving Inland Empire. It highlights stories of impactful partnerships, local investments and an unwavering dedication to advancing regional health outcomes.

The Community Health Needs Assessment serves as our “North Star” in addressing unmet health needs and promoting health equity within the region. Through extensive stakeholder engagement and data collection, the report aims to identify key strategic areas of potential community investment that can optimize overall health and well-being in our region.

The Community Health Implementation Strategy (CHIS) describes how LLUH plans to address the most pressing unmet health needs identified in the most current Community Health Needs Assessment. The 3-year implementation strategy outlines the goals, actions, and metrics for measuring outcomes and evaluating impact for each of our Community Benefit targets.

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