Loma Linda University University Ear, Nose, and Throat Surgery offers services and procedures for the diagnosis and treatment of ear, nose, and throat problems in newborns, children and adolescents. These congenital and acquired disorders range from common problems including ear, tonsil and sinus infections to more complex problems such as hear loss and neck tumors.

Having years of experience in working with young patients, Loma Linda physician providers understands the physical and emotional needs of children. Our specialists apply a multidisciplinary approach and leverage their expertise in handling advanced surgical treatments to ensure children along with their families receive the best care possible.

Pediatric Otolaryngology Services and Procedures

  • Airway reconstruction - Surgical procedure involving the airway, the area from the top of the voice box to the trachea, is repaired in order to restore natural breathing. Airway reconstruction procedures fall under two main categories: open airway and endoscopic procedures. Whereas open airway procedures are made with a neck incision into the airway, endoscopic procedures are performed through the mouth sans neck incision.
  • Tonsillectomy - Surgery to remove the tonsils due to recurring infection, enlargement or unresponsive medical treatment.
  • Adenoidectomy - A surgical procedure performed to remove the enlarged or chronically infected adenoids the lump of tissue that sits high on each side of the throat behind the nose and the roof of the mouth.
  • Pressure equalization tube placement - A procedure that involves the creation of a small hole in the eardrum called a myringotomy. A small tube called the tympanostomy tube is gently placed through the myringotomy, preventing the formation of mucus in the ear.
  • Laryngoscopy - An examination procedure that uses a special telescope called the laryngoscope to examine the larynx (voice box).
  • Bronchoscopy - A test for diagnosing lung problems by directly viewing the airway via bronchoscope, a hollow metal tube containing a telescope that visualizes all parts under magnification.
  • Branchial cleft cyst surgery - Surgical option to remove a branchial cleft cyst, a lump that develops in the neck or below the collarbone among babies.
  • Thyroglossal duct surgery - A surgical procedure required to remove thyroglossal duct cysts which are cysts that are left over when the thyroid migrates from the base of the tongue and into the neck before birth. Removal is necessary to avoid infection or rapid enlargement of cysts.