On this page, you’ll learn about the subspecialities of otolaryngology, or ENT (ear, nose, and throat) and learn more about our providers. Each of our surgeons have additional fellowship training in an ENT subspecialty, offering you the best care possible. View a physician’s profile to see the procedures they offer and conditions they treat.

Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery

Our fellowship-trained surgeons have expertise in facial cosmetic surgery, reconstruction after head and neck cancer resection, craniofacial trauma reconstruction, nerve disorders, and facial reanimation. We provide surgical and non-surgical care to affected areas of the face from aging, illness, trauma, or surgery. We also offer a full range of cosmetic procedures, from fillers to surgeries.

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Head and Neck Cancer

We are the most experienced head and neck cancer team in the region, treating more than 1,000 of the most complex tumors every year. Our head and neck surgeons have expertise in robotic surgery, laser surgery, skull base surgery, microvascular reconstruction, and advanced cancer surgery.  We deal with all tumors and masses in the head and neck (both cancerous and non cancerous) as well as issues with the saliva glands.

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Hearing and Audiology

Our audiologists help you manage hearing loss and assess balance and dizziness. If you have a condition affecting your ears, we’ll refer you to our neurotology team for treatment. We also evaluate the need for devices like cochlear implants and hearing aids and help program devices based on your needs. We use a wide range of techniques and technologies, including auditory brainstem response, otoacoustic emissions, play audiometry, pure tone and speech audiometry, and tympanometry

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Our otology and neurotology (ear and skull base) experts treat diseases of the ear, including hearing disorders and dizziness. We are experienced in surgeries for hearing loss and tumors of the ear and skull base.

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Pediatric Otolaryngology

Our pediatric otolaryngologists provide medical and surgical treatment when your child is suffering from a disease of the ear, nose, or throat. We provide specialized care for children of all ages, from newborns to teenagers.

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Sinus and Allergy

Our experts offer you medical and surgical management of diseases of the nose and sinuses, including allergies, nasal obstruction, sinus problems, and tumors. As the region’s leader in advanced, computer-guided endoscopic sinus surgery and endoscopic skull base surgery, we handle the most difficult cases (including revision surgeries and complications referred from other specialists). Our allergy clinic provides full-service ENT allergy testing and shots.

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Voice and Swallowing

Our laryngology surgeons are experts in disorders of the larynx (voice box). Because the larynx is important in functions of voice, swallowing, and breathing, we offer surgical and non-surgical treatments to manage these sometimes complex issues. We offer a wide variety of in-office procedures, including laser treatments which may allow you to avoid general anesthesia. We work closely with speech language pathology colleagues to provide a comprehensive approach to treatment. Our experts can help diagnose and treat hoarseness, trouble swallowing, and certain causes of shortness of breath.