Whether you want to lose unwanted weight or need medical intervention for a serious condition, we’re here to help. At the Center for Health Promotion, our approach to obesity medicine is unique and personalized. We’re committed to your long-term success through weight management programs that support your physical, mental and spiritual health.

Why Choose Us for Weight Management

  • We use a comprehensive, evidence-based approach combining the four pillars of obesity medicine: nutrition, physical activity, behavior and medication.
  • Our providers have extensive experience in the treatment of obesity.
  • Your precision medicine customized treatment plan is tailored to your unique biology, environment and lifestyle.
  • When your needs go beyond diet and exercise, our experts provide life-changing interventional options.

Our Services


For many people, lifestyle changes can be the foundation for weight loss. During what’s known as a lifestyle visit, our preventive medicine providers meet with you to discuss changes to sleep, stress, exercise and diet.

Visit our integrative medicine page to learn more about lifestyle visits and our other services.

Metabolic Obesity Clinic – Medication- Assisted Lifestyle Changes

In some cases, medication and other medical treatments are the best option to manage your weight. Our program starts with a series of monthly visits to tailor treatment to your unique health concerns. Through biometric assessment and regular visits, we’ll help you find the right treatments for you.

My Optifast Journey

My Optifast Journey is a comprehensive meal replacement program proven to be an effective weight loss method for busy people. The program helps you manage weight through a combination of medical visits, digital support resources and a wellness tracking app. You’ll use Nestlé meal replacement products to begin a long-term weight loss journey.

Psychological Support

The effects of mental health on physical health are still not fully understood. What we do know is weight loss and psychological support often go hand in hand. Our patients find this type of support extremely valuable, whether as a standalone service or in combination with our weight management programs.

Preparation for Bariatric Surgery

For you, bariatric surgery may be the most definitive answer for a lifelong struggle with obesity. Before recommending bariatric surgery, we’ll help you determine if a weight loss program could work for you. Most insurance requires a medically managed weight loss program prior to approval of bariatric surgery.

Learn more about weight loss surgery.

To make an appointment with our weight management experts, contact the Center for Health Promotion at 909-558-4594. We look forward to assisting you on your pathway to health.