Weight Orientation

This informative 60-minute session is the starting point for all who are interested in losing weight. It is designed to describe our various weight management programs and will help you decide what program will best meet your needs. There is no charge for this orientation.

OPTIFAST® Partial Meal Replacement Program

The OPTIFAST® program (OPTIFAST.com) is a 26-week, medically supervised program for individuals with 50 or more pounds to lose. The first 12 weeks is a very low caloric meal replacement plan which then transitions into a more moderate mixed calorie intake. The weight management team includes physicians, nurses, a dietitian, an exercise specialist, and a psychotherapist. Weekly group and individual clinic visits focus on building skills for lifestyle change.

Lean Choices

Lean Choices is a 12-week class for those individuals who want to improve their health and weight through exercise, food choices, and the psychology of eating. It begins with an individual nutritional assessment with the dietitian that creates the foundation for effective weight loss. If desired, meal replacements and food supplements can augment this program.

Metabolic and Bariatric Surgery Program

The Center for Health Promotion has partnered with the Loma Linda University Surgical Hospital to provide you with the most innovative and safe weight loss procedures available.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reports 1 in every 3 American adults are obese. However, not every overweight individual can overcome this disease with diet and exercise alone. Medical weight loss surgery is a proven and safe weight loss option that will improve the quality of your life.

The Center for Health Promotion and Surgical Hospital's weight loss program is comprehensive and includes time spent with a registered dietician, clinical psychologist, primary care physician and weight loss surgeon.

Take the first step toward changing your life and attend a free bariatric weight loss seminar.

How to Build a Better Body

Managing your body weight is not easy. In the modern era of multi-tasking, raising a family and working full time, eating properly and exercising regularly can be a challenging endeavor. At the Center for Health Promotion's Preventive Medicine Clinic there are several ways to restore your health and wellness. Whether you would like to lose a few unwanted pounds or have a condition that requires serious medical intervention, the Center for Health Promotion's Preventive Medicine Clinic will have the right option for you.