At the Advanced Lung Disease Center, we bring together all the specialties involved in treating lung diseases. Rather than seeing specialists in multiple locations for each diagnosis, our patients receive coordinated care from one comprehensive center. This unique approach sets us apart and helps us provide better treatment for a variety of lung conditions.

Our Specialties

Taking the Lead on Lung Disease

Powered by innovative research and advanced technology, we’re taking the lead on treating lung disease. From biologic therapies to keep asthma under control to using state-of-the-art tools and techniques to diagnose and treat different lung diseases, we’re focused on solutions that help our patients manage their conditions. Additionally, all of our specialties participate in clinical trials to stay on the forefront of new and effective treatments. 

Providing Support for the Journey

In addition to medical treatment, we offer necessary support as part of our whole person care commitment. For those who need to quit smoking, our providers are ready with information, resources and a lung cancer screening. We also provide a smoking cessation support group and pulmonary hypertension support group. No matter the condition, we hope to help each patient thrive during and after treatment.  

Quick Facts

Lung disease specialties represented
Accredited pulmonary hypertension in the region
Physicians trained through our fellowship
Portrait of H. Bryant Nguyen
Portrait of H. Bryant Nguyen
"Our doctors are compassionate and highly skilled in providing state-of-the-art, tertiary care for advanced lung diseases throughout the region. Commitment to our patients is why we are here."

Community Outreach

Part of our role as leaders in lung disease treatment is educating the public about prevention. Our community outreach efforts focus largely on the destructive health consequences of vaping, including long-term lung damage and other health consequences of vaping.