Medical Center and Children’s Hospital Parking

Loma Linda University Health offers patients two parking options: self-parking and valet (valet currently unavailable during COVID-19). For self-parking, the parking structure is on Campus Street, just north of Barton Road.

Loma Linda University Health Parking Map 2020

Please keep the following information in mind when visiting Loma Linda University Medical Center and Loma Linda University Children’s Hospital.

Parking Structure Details

To reach the parking structure from the current hospital main entrance on Anderson and Prospect, continue south on Anderson to Barton Road, turn right on Barton Road, proceed to the first traffic signal, turn right on Campus, and turn right into the parking structure entrance.

The structure has six levels of parking, with 745 spaces. Handicapped parking includes 12 ADA spaces, three van ADA spaces, and one ADA electric vehicle charging space. There are 10 electrical vehicle charging spaces available. The building includes a waiting area for patients, two restrooms, and two elevator cars.

Directions from the Parking Structure

Upon exiting the parking structure, head left toward the Children’s Hospital and enter through the vestibule. There are signs in place for wayfinding. After going through the vestibule, you will make a required right turn into the main corridor of the hospital. There will be a welcome desk soon thereafter to the left for general information. Continuing east down the main corridor, you will run into a dead end with wayfinding indicating a left/north turn for the Medical Center and right/south turn to the Children’s Hospital reception desks. 

Front Entrance Drop Off / Pick Up

The current front entrance road remains open, now serving for patient and visitor drop off/pick up.

Employees should remember that the front entrance driveway and the parking structure are for patients and visitors only.

This configuration is expected to last approximately one year as we phase into the permanent future drop-off parking configuration for the new building. We will provide future updates as they become available. 

We thank you for your patience and understanding as our campus transformation continues.