We offer consultation services regarding any issues in the life of physicians, residents or students. These may include family or personal life, concerns related to the practice of medicine such as compassion fatigue, difficult collegial relationships or concerns about a supervisee or colleague. We help physicians identify strategies to support personal resilience and work satisfaction. We are available to meet in our office, your clinical work sites, or other mutually determined locations. We respond 24/7 for emergencies or other urgent matters.


We work closely with departments to enhance collegiality, communication, and general wellbeing.

TEAMBUILDING. We offer interactive workshops and seminars that can be used in educational or retreat formats.
SUPPORT GROUPS. We are available for support group facilitation in departments or clinical settings.
DEBRIEFING. We offer debriefing after difficult patient situations, disasters, or other negative events.


We are available as guest lecturers for grand rounds, workshops, retreats, faculty development, and program didactics. Possible topics include:

• Resilience Strategies and Burnout Prevention • Strategies to Enhance Nurse-Physician Communication and Collaboration
• Managing Sleep Deprivation and Fatigue • Ambiguous Loss: Coping With Uncertainty in Prolonged Illness, Injury, and Patient Care
• Addressing Spiritual Issues in Clinical Settings • Managing the Influence of Gender and Diversity With Colleagues and Patients
• How to Conduct Successful Family Conferences • Building Day-to-Day Brain Resilience
• Addressing Family Dynamics Around Illness and Hospitalization • Navigating Perfectionism with Self-Compassion
• Physician Depression and Suicide • Practical Mindfulness and Meditation
• Addressing Patient Sexual Issues in Clinical Settings • Creating Equitable and Safe Working Environments
• Resources for Coping With Personal Impact of Litigation • Female Physicians as Wives, Moms, and Partners
• Understanding Partner Violence in Physician Populations  


Physician coaching is a collaborative process that supports residents and physicians to meet professional goals. This process is not therapy, but is a forward-looking and active process that aims to help physicians meet their personal and professional goals.


If you or a family member would like to know how to navigate mental health services, we are happy to provide you with referrals and assist you to connect with providers and resources.


Our research agendas include diversity, equity, and sociocultural issues, physician relationships, spirituality, and experiential medical education. We also administer and manage faculty physician and medical student wellbeing surveys.