Professional governance is a collaborative governance structure that gives professionals, such as nurses, a voice regarding issues that affect their practice.

Professional governance is a professional model that empowers direct-care nurses to contribute collaboratively as decision makers regarding the nursing practice setting.  

The professional governance council data below includes ambulatory and perioperative units and departments.

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Councils in Loma Linda University Health
Councils in Loma Linda University Children’s Hospital
Councils in Loma Linda University Medical Center

Professional Governance Councils collaborate as nursing-driven interdisciplinary teams to make meaningful change/impact on the patients and families that they serve. Projects organized by Professional Governance Councils are based off the Loma Linda University Health Nursing Strategic Plans and address the organizations targeted health outcomes to overall improve the patient experience.

Professional Governance has created an environment of collaboration and the opportunity for frontline nurses to have an impact on nursing processes within the organization. Nurses bring their expertise and promote quality care and outcomes to patients and their families in the communities.

Kimberly Johns, MSN
Kimberly Johns, MSN
“Professional governance is a shared decision-making structure where the point-of-service staff members are involved in making decisions about clinical practice. We started by reviewing the issues they felt were impacting their ability to provide the best patient care on the floor. Primary nursing topped the list.”

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