Our curriculum is focused on providing a complete, well-rounded experience for you as a resident – including training at university, county, and Veteran's Affairs hospital settings. Education is our priority, including all-resident weekly didactics with protected time from clinical duties and dedicated research blocks.

The curriculum is developed with partnership between faculty and residents. We make significant changes based on resident feedback because we believe residents should participate in crafting a better educational experience.

Curriculum Highlights

  • Very hands-on, operative experience. Residents are mainly single scrubbed with attendings
  • Research blocks in the PGY 1, 3, and 4 years
  • Didactic conference time protected from clinical duties
  • Friendly, team-based environment with open lines of communication between faculty and residents.
  • Residents successfully match into fellowships in different specialties all over the country
  • High first time board pass rate
  • Career and personal finance planning support
Dr. Chung portrait
Dr. Chung portrait
“Orthopedics training at Loma Linda University has given me a unique and broad exposure to various pathologies, opportunity to train with excellent surgeons, and new lifetime friends.”

Curriculum by Year

PGY - 1

  • Residents complete six months of orthopedic rotations and six months in specialties relevant to orthopaedics (General Surgery, Vascular Surgery, Plastic Surgery, Musculoskeletal Radiology, Rheumatology, and Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation)
  • All PGY-1 residents are on Orthopaedics rotation in their first month (June and July)

PGY - 2

  • Joints/Sports
  • Hand/upper extremity
  • Spine
  • Trauma/tumor
  • Night float

PGY - 3

  • Research
  • Pediatrics
  • Pediatrics/research: 60% peds, 40% research block
  • VA Loma Linda Healthcare System
  • Arrowhead Regional Medical Center (county hospital)

PGY - 4

  • Sports
  • Pediatrics
  • VA Loma Linda Healthcare System
  • Spine/Basic 60% spine, 40% research
  • Arrowhead Regional Medical Center (county hospital)

PGY - 5

  • Hand/upper extremity/administrative chief
  • Joints
  • Trauma
  • VA Loma Linda Healthcare System
  • Arrowhead Regional Medical Center (county hospital)