We aim to train and graduate well-rounded, balanced surgeons. As a resident, you receive a truly hands-on, operative experience. We receive feedback from fellowships about the superior operative skills our graduates bring with them.

Program Highlights

  • We promote whole person care both in our education and for our residents. Your health, career, finances, and family planning are all supported.
  • You have the opportunity to gain experience in diverse areas of study, including a pediatric hospital, Level 1 Trauma Center, county setting, and concierge medicine service line.
  • County and VA rotations provide you with more autonomy.
  • The university and VA are essentially next door to each other, with the county hospital just 7 miles away.
  • Overseas rotation opportunities in Haiti allow you to participate in service-based missions.
  • Your physical health is well-supported at the Drayson Center.

Program Components


The core focus of our program’s curriculum is learning whole person care. We look at the patient as a complete person as opposed to just an isolated shoulder or hip problem. Your training will have a focused hands-on operative, and you’ll be in the OR early and often (usually single scrubbed).


  • State-of-the-art Level 1 Trauma Center
  • The Dennis and Carol Troesh Medical Campus, our newly opened adult and pediatric facilities
  • Arrowhead Regional Medical Center, the San Bernardino County hospital
  • VA Loma Linda Healthcare System, a government veteran hospital
  • Premier Outpatient Surgical Center, a private practice style surgical center 2 miles from main campus.
  • SAC Health System, one of the few Federally Qualified Health Centers (FQHC) in the country with subspecialty surgical care (and just five miles from our Medical Center)
portrait of Dr. Gulbrandsen
portrait of Dr. Gulbrandsen
“When I was deciding on a program I reached out to a few mentors and their advice was similar: go to a program that has a county hospital rotation and a VA rotation because of the increased autonomy compared to academic centers… the opportunity is a highlight for our program.”