We value connection, community, and supporting our residents in their educational and professional journeys. In our program, you’ll have ample individual support and opportunities for social interaction and team building among attendings, staff, and other residents.

Activities & Groups

  • Residency class retreat
  • Internal medicine Christmas party
  • Internal medicine graduation
  • Resident-organized socials
  • Informal events all year long
  • Resident houses
Ciara Fulgar, MD
Ciara Fulgar, MD
“The internal medicine program at Loma Linda allows for opportunities that cater towards our own individual goals, allowing exposure to different populations and hospital systems. I am also lucky to work alongside amazing co-residents who I get to go through this journey with, while forming lifelong friendships; supportive faculty and staff who provide mentorship; and a safe learning environment for me to grow both personally and professionally.”
Ryan Marais
Ryan Marais
“It's incredibly cliche to say "we're a family here", but the fact of the matter is: it's true! I've left every day of residency feeling supported, listened to, and with a greater understanding of medicine than I had at the start of the day. I could list every single reason why this residency program is special, but it wouldn't do nearly enough justice as you seeing for yourself!”