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Flu Season Hospital Visitor Limitations

Temporary limitations are in place for hospital visitors. Visitors must be 18 years or older and not exhibit any flu symptoms.

Procedure Plump up creased, furrowed, or sunken facial skin; add fullness to lips and backs of hands. Works best on thin, dry, light-colored skin.
Length 15 minutes to one hour per session.
  • Collagen: usually none; local may be included with the injection.
  • Fat: local.
In/Outpatient Outpatient.
Side Effects Temporary stinging, throbbing ,or burning sensation; faint redness, swelling, excess fullness.
  • Collagen: allergic reaction including rash, hives, swelling, or flu-like symptoms;
  • Possible triggering of connective tissue or autoimmune diseases (A skin test is required before collagen treatment to determine whether an allergy exists).
  • Both: Contour irregularities, infection.
Duration of Results Variable; a few months to one year.