For Doctors and Medical Professionals

Loma Linda University Health Care is a close-knit medical community that takes pride in connecting physicians and residents with the resources they need. The Department of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation is committed to sharing medical knowledge and insights for practicing physicians, residents and other health professionals.

For more information about the Department of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation referral process, please call 909-558-6277.

For Inpatient Referrals

Most inpatient physical, occupational and speech therapy patients are admitted or transferred from an acute hospital after referral by a physician. The initial contact with rehabilitation admission staff may be through a:

  • hospital discharge planner
  • case manager
  • social worker
  • nurse
  • insurance representative
  • family member

Our rehabilitation intake coordinators serve as community liaisons and are available for on-site review of patients at other local facilities. Call 909-558-4229 or 909-558-4213 to make a referral.

Admission Criteria
Once a referral is made, an evaluation is done to determine if the patient meets the following admission criteria:

  1. The patient must be sufficiently stable at the time of admission to be able to participate in the rehabilitation program.
  2. The patient must be able to participate and benefit from a minimum of three hours of therapy per day, spread throughout the day.
  3. The patient requires active and ongoing multidisciplinary intervention acting in a coordinated fashion.
  4. The patient requires daily supervision by a physician with specialized experience in rehabilitation medicine.
  5. The patient requires 24 hour a day access to a registered nurse with specialized training in rehabilitation.  
  6. The patient must have resources available at discharge that will allow him/her to enter back into the community with a caregiver or live independently.
  7. The medical status of the patient requires inpatient hospital care rather than in a less intensive facility such as a skilled nursing facility or on an outpatient basis.  
  8. Adequate financial coverage shall be evidenced.

For Outpatient Referrals

For physical, occupational, speech or hand therapy, please fax over your prescription to 909-558-6002.

Admission Process

A physician prescription may either be dropped off at our office or faxed. Once the prescription is received, our referral coordinators will request financial clearance from the patient’s insurance company and will call the patient as soon as possible to schedule an appointment.

Medi-Cal patients require a Treatment Authorization Request (TAR) that is sent to the Medi-Cal office for authorization. This process may take a few weeks. Once the authorization has been received from Medi-Cal, we will call you to set up an appointment.