Coronavirus and Your Eyes

We are the leading provider of eye care in the Inland Empire. The goal of our department is to excel in the areas of patient care, physician education, and clinical research in ophthalmology. At the Loma Linda University Eye Institute, cutting edge technology and innovative surgical techniques are used to serve our patients within a Christian environment.

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CentraSight Treatment Program

CentraSight, a first-of-kind treatment program, implants a tiny telescope inside the eye to treat end-stage age-related macular degeneration, the most advanced form of AMD and the leading cause of blindness in older Americans.

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Cataract Treatments

One of the most common problems which can affect vision is a cataract. Almost everyone who lives a long life will eventually develop cataracts.

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Our world-renowned scientists are always striving to advance the understanding of human health to fulfill our purpose "to make man whole". We play a pivotal role in caring for the health of our patients' eyes, and contribute a substantial amount of effort in research to fulfill that purpose.

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