While impossible to thank all of those who have contributed to making today a reality, we would like to give special thank you to the following:

President’s Advisory Cabinet

  • Beverly Bailey
  • Bud and Pam Feldkamp
  • Steve and Victoria PonTell
  • Debbie Brown
  • Garner Holt
  • Barbara Robinson
  • Gordon Bourns
  • Cynthia Johnson
  • Pierre Rogers and Lily Saenz
  • Chuck Campbell
  • The Honorable Pat Morris
  • Robert Seale
  • Bob and Phyllis Ching
  • Mike and Dawn Parnell
  • Dennis and Carol Troesh

Campaign Steering Committee

  • Bob and Phyllis Ching
  • Steve and Cathy Kienle
  • Charles and Nancy Sims
  • Jere and Marian Chrispens, co-chairs
  • Peter and Suzanne Nelson
  • Tom and Candace Spiel
  • Bud and Pam Feldkamp
  • Kenneth R. Ramirez
  • Dennis and Carol Troesh, honorary co-chairs
  • Roger and Donna Hadley
  • Elmar and Darilee Sakala
  • Frank and Mary Ann Xavier


  • Bank of America:  Jerry Knorr, Managing Director; Darrel Flanel, Managing Director; Chris Whitley, Vice President; Joe Pollock, Managing Director (Cain Brothers);
  • Wipfli:  Karen Lloyd, Partner; Megan Hartman, Sr. Manager; Tammy Staeden, Sr. Manager; Dave Robeson (Principal at Veralon, formerly Managing Director at Wipfli), Richard Gianello (Retired Partner, Wipfli)
  • Grant Goodman, Senior Managing Director, White Oak Healthcare Finance (formerly with Lancaster Pollard)
  • John Axt, Vice President, US Bank, and Bond Trustee
  • Ernst & Young, LLP:  Cheryl Moreno, Partner; Mark Gibson, Partner; Richard Bethel, Senior Manager
  • Our bond holders who believed in us and invested in us


  • NBBJ: McKenzie Skene, Consulting Partner; Rich Dallam, Managing Partner; Eric Hanson, Senior Associate; Bob Smith, Senior Associate
  • ARUP:  Bill Scrantom, Principal; Atila Zekioglu, Principal; Ben Haim, Senior Engineer
  • McCarthy: Mike Myers, Southern California Regional President; Patrick Peterson, Executive Vice President, Healthcare Services; Eric Hoffman, Vice President Project Executive
  • Our subcontractors:
    • MPS (Mechanical & Plumbing): James DeFlavio, President, Murray Company; Reed McMackin, Senior Vice President, Pan Pacific; Joe Cvetas, Southern California Division Leader, Southland Industries
    • BHIV (Electrical): Edward Billig, President, Berg Electric; Boris Shekhter, Vice President, Helix Electric
    • Nevelle Standard (Framing and Drywall):  Michael Nevell, President/CEO, Nevell Group; Edward Capparelli, Vice President, Standard Drywall
    • Schuff (Steel):  Rustin Roach, CEO, Kevin McKenna, EVP
  • OSHPD:  Paul Coleman, Deputy Director; Chris Tokas, FDD Deputy Director; John Schrenk, Regional Compliance Officer; Mike Marrs, Compliance Officer
  • Jtec: Jim Lennon, President & Tom Hyder, Principal

Other Support

  • Yellow Brick Consulting 
  • City of Loma Linda:  Phil Dupper (Mayor), Jarb Thaipejr, City Manager; Konrad Bolowich, Assistant City Manager; Tom Ingalls, Fire Marshall
  • Legal Counsel:  Elisabeth Eisner, Special Counsel; Daniel McMillan, Partner, Jones Day; Kent Hansen, LLUH General Counsel