Opening August 8, the Dennis and Carol Troesh Medical Campus features two new, state-of-the-art hospital towers. With their opening, our vision of a healthier future for those we serve will finally be realized.

Get a first look at some of the features in the adult and children’s towers, focused on providing complete, compassionate care to our patients.

Adult Tower Highlights

The new Loma Linda University Medical Center tower is California’s tallest hospital. The tower is designed to handle the largest earthquakes, the most complex patient care and the growing healthcare needs of an entire region.

Hybrid Surgical Rooms Specialists work in unison so you need fewer procedures

Private Rooms Each patient gets a private room for a better healing experience

Wholeness/Healing Spaces Indoor and outdoor areas foster care for the whole person

Children’s Tower Highlights

As the only children’s hospital for more than 1.2 million kids in the region, it’s our duty to provide care not available elsewhere. Our new Children’s Hospital tower continues our efforts to expand healthcare access for our community’s most vulnerable populations.

Maternity Pavilion The highest level of care, with 3,200+ babies delivered yearly

Inpatient Rooms 84 private rooms where kids can heal alongside family

Pediatric ER A separate emergency room made specially for children