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Our advanced orthopedics team has helped thousands of adults and children get back to a pain free life. Hear from our patients.


Orthopedic Surgery


Born with a birth defect in her leg, Kyana spent a portion of her life unable to walk normally. She shares her journey of treatment with Loma Linda University Orthopedic Surgery and why she recommends us to others.


Fred Chermack

After an accident trimming his palm trees, Fred learned that he might need surgery. Watch his story to see how our orthopedic surgery experts put him back in better shape than before the accident

Gwendilee Murphy

Gwendilee had been living with a bent leg that she described as a “boomerang.” Hear her talk about her life now after undergoing surgery at Loma Linda University Orthopedic Surgery.

Mary Cortez Patterson

Mary lived with back pain for years. Finally, she visited Loma Linda University Orthopedic Surgery. The orthopedic team discovered it was not her back, but instead her hip that was causing so many problems, and provided treatment that was the first step in living a pain free life.

Matthew Young

Matthew lived with terrible pain for 5 years, so much that some days it was hard to walk. Once he visited Loma Linda University Orthopedic Surgery, he was able to walk around the next day after hip replacement surgery and get back to his active lifestyle without any pain.

Suzanne Artukovich

An active athlete her whole life, Suzanne began dealing with a great deal of pain and stiffness. Our team led her through two knee surgeries, treated her like a “Queen,” and put her on the track to a pain-free life.

Marcellus Robbins

After an auto accident left Marcellus Robbins with a hip broken in two places, We were able to provide Marcellus the treatment that got him back on his feet.


Sharon De Metz

Sharon was on a variety of pain medications and had reached the point where she could not even walk. After her surgery, Sharon was able to give up the cane and the wheelchair.  And she was completely off her pain medications. Hear her story on how surgery turned her life around.