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Flu Season Hospital Visitor Limitations

Temporary limitations are in place for hospital visitors. Visitors must be 18 years or older and not exhibit any flu symptoms.

Department Contact Information

Staff Development
11255 Mountain View Ave. - Suite 11
Loma Linda, CA 92354

Phone: 909-558-3500 or x33500
Fax: 909-558-3541 or x33541
Email: Staff Development - staffdevelopment@lluahsc.org

Hours of Operation

Monday – Thursday: 8:00am – 5:00pm
Friday: 8:00am – 2:00pm

Staff Members

Helen Staples-Evans, RN, MS, BC-NE - Executive Director, Staff Development
Areas of specialty: Department Leadership, Management, Pediatrics and Pain
Email: Helen

Ghinette Aguilar, RN, MSN, FNP - Educator
Areas of specialty: Critical Care Educational programs, E-learning
Email: Ghinette

Anne Atkinson - Administrative Secretary
Areas of specialty: New Course Set-up, OWL Portal Training, CE Registration
Email: Anne

Shayne Bigelow, RN, MSN, CPN - Educator
Areas of specialty: Pediatric Educational Programs, Research
Email: Shayne

Hazel Curtis, RN, MPH - Education Specialist
Areas of specialty: Speaker, Leadership Development, Performance Coaching, Patient Education.
Email: Hazel

Carolyn Davidson, RN, MS - Educator
Areas of specialty: Adult Medical and Surgical Education, Housewide In-servicing.
Email: Carolyn

Velma George, RN, MS - Clinical Information Systems Educator
Areas of specialty: Clinical Information Systems
Email: Velma

Joy Guy, MHA, RT (R) (CV) - Clinical Educator
Areas of specialty: Clinical Professional Education, OWL Learning Management System, Multidisciplinary Conference Coordination
Email: Joy

Alicia Hanakahi - Administrative Secretary
Areas of specialty: OWL Learning System, Staff Development Systems Coordination
Email: Alicia

Diane Mapes, MT (ASCP), RN, MS - Orientation Coordinator
Areas of specialty: Clinical and Nursing Orientation, Domestic Violence, Human Trafficking, Preceptorship
Email: Diane

Monica McKenzie, DrPH, RN, MCHES, CLE - Educator
Areas of specialty: Maternal & Fetal Medicine, TCBC, NICU, Housewide In-servicing
Email: Monica

Renae Reiswig, RN, MS, CCM - Educator
Areas of specialty: Living Our Values Orientation, Case Management
Email: Renae

Debra Soliz - Administrative Secretary
Areas of specialty: Class Registration, Information, and CE Certificates
Email: Debra

Gwen Wysocki, RN, C, MN - Manager Academic Relations
Areas of specialty: Students, Observer, Affiliation Agreements
Email: Gwen