Most Common Reasons for Delays

1. The single most important item you can do to help yourself during the credentialing process is to completely fill-out your application.

2. Incomplete dates: All dates need month(s) and year(s). All time periods between your graduation from medical school and the present must be accounted for. Nothing is more frustrating for applicants than being delayed an additional month because unforeseen date gaps were opened up at the last minute.

3. Date gaps: Any time gaps of one to five months must be explained and time gaps of six months or more must be verifiable.

4. Program Directors: Yes, it is really necessary to include the name(s) of your training director(s) for all training completed within the last seven (7) years. Without a specific name, verification requests may circulate for several days or weeks.

5. Missing signatures/Dates: Sign and date everything in the application packet. If you do not believe it applies to you, write "Not applicable" and sign and date.

6. White out/correction tape: We are unable to accept any document with white out/correction tape. If a mistake has been made on your application, cross off the mistake, initial it, and write in the correct answer. Any form with white out/correction tape will be returned to the applicant with a new form to be completed. This will cause an unnecessary delay in processing your application.