Below, you’ll find answers to some of the most common questions we receive. Please email any further questions to


Can I enter as a PGY-1?

You may apply to our transitional year slot at Transitional/Preventive Med NRMP program code: 1024999P1.

How do I apply for a PGY-2 position?

Please submit your application through ERAS (program code: 3800521033).  If you are a qualified candidate and are a good match, you may be invited for an interview.

Do you participate in the match?

Yes, we participate in the NRMP match for all our positions.

What are the prerequisites for the Lifestyle Medicine Specialist Fellowship?

You must be a board-certified physician in a primary care specialty with a California medical license.

What are the prerequisites for the Preventive Medicine Fellowship Track?

You must have completed a primary residency and at least half of an MPH degree.

What types of jobs do your graduates go into after they graduate?

Our graduates pursue a wide range of careers. Graduates have started their own practices, worked for the CDC, worked for local health departments and have gone on to fellowships in occupational medicine and addiction medicine.