We are glad to have you on the plastic surgery rotation. Your rotation will last for one week. You will be exposed to a broad variety of patients undergoing plastic and reconstructive surgery. You will learn from attendings who are active in all phases of reconstructive surgery from: cosmetic, hand, cancer reconstruction, and the repair of congenital deformities.

We have arranged the rotation so that you will gain exposure to several of the current full-time faculty members in the plastic surgery division. Feel free to ask questions about the particular procedures you witness. We are here to introduce you to our exciting specialty.

Requirements of the Rotation

Some of your experiences will be in the operating room and others will be in the ambulatory care setting. You are required to attend the plastic surgery conferences on Wednesday mornings and Thursday evenings. Be sure to sign in at conferences. In addition, there is some didactic material, which you are required to review while on the service. This material will be given to you by Karina Carranza in our office. This will include a handbook entitled: "Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery Essentials for Students." Be sure to read it through. It will help you with the take-home quiz.

You will be given two books entitled Clinical Symposia "Surgical Anatomy of the Hand" and "The Hand Examination and Diagnosis." These books are on loan to you during your week on the plastic surgery rotation. They must be turned in on Thursday/Friday to Karina in the plastic surgery office in the Coleman Pavilion, Suite 21126. If you should lose the books you are responsible to replace them.

Check with the chief resident on Friday for further instructions or dismissal. At the week's end, your grade will be partially determined by your attendance. If you get lost along the way or must miss a day due to illness or other reasons, it is important that you contact BOTH Karina in our office, your chief resident, as well as your general surgery rotation coordinator.

We hope you enjoy your rotation, and please don't hesitate to call on us at any time if you have questions or concerns regarding your time with us.