Our residents love the field of pathology and hail from a variety of different backgrounds. We pride ourselves in the diversity of our residents and the tight knit, family-like nature of our resident cohort.

Living in Loma Linda and Redlands provides the lower cost and safety of suburban life with the access to an international airport, sports, and theme parks of a metropolitan region. The area is also incredibly environmentally diverse, with beaches, alpine mountains, and the desert all within 60 miles.

Group Activities

  • Annual faculty vs resident kickball game
  • Annual welcome breakfast 
  • Annual department Christmas party off campus
  • Department tickets to Angel game and local sports teams
  • Art contests 
  • Department baby showers for residents, faculty and staff 
  • Regular office potluck
  • Halloween gatherings at resident/attending homes 
  • Annual senior banquet

Resident Wellness

Our program is committed to promoting resident wellness, including both personal and spiritual well-being and work/life balance. Our program designates a Chief Wellness Resident each year to serve on the GME Wellness Committee, guided by our GME Wellness Director, Dr. Amy Schill.

2023-2024 Chief Wellness Resident

Andrea Shields, M.D.

Andrea Shields, M.D.


Day in the Life of a Pathology Resident

The work day varies significantly among our diverse anatomic and clinical pathology rotations, however, a typical day begins at 8 AM with a protected morning didactic conference. This is usually followed by case preview and pathology report preparation on AP and Hematopathology rotations, or laboratory exposure and consultation on the various CP rotations. Pathology reports are fully completed by residents with case review and report modification performed during signout with the assigned attending.Work days typically last from 8 to 5 PM on most CP rotations, and 8 to 6-7 PM on most AP rotations.
Jessica Hudson, MD
Jessica Hudson, MD
Loma Linda is an outstanding place to train as a growing pathologist. This department upholds the LLU mission statement “to make man whole” by prioritizing professional and personal growth. I have never met more approachable, sincere faculty who emphasize teaching and sharing life together. The residents begin as learners and leave as friends.