Around 70% of women will experience breast pain in their lifetime. Now, our breast pain clinic gives hope in the form of treatment and support. 

Why Choose Us to Treat Breast Pain 

  • National leaders: We are first in the nation to create a multidisciplinary approach to breast pain management.
  • Personalized care: Our women’s health experts collaborate with patient voices to find the answers you need. 
  • Addressing stressors: We understand the connection between emotional stress and physical pain, including pain in the breasts. 
  • Understanding triggers: We provide methods to track the pain’s connection to potential triggers, including your wellbeing and menstrual cycle.
  • Whole person care: You'll learn a holistic approach to breast pain, integrating behavioral and medical treatment in a group setting.

Real Help For Your Breast Pain 

Fortunately, breast pain is rarely a sign of cancer. If your breast exam and mammogram are normal, our breast pain clinic can provide personalized treatment recommendations. We’ll discuss the timing of your pain, any medications or hormones you have taken, any nutrients you may be missing and the sources of stress that may be impacting your body. In this group setting, you'll have access to a community of women who also experience breast pain.

How to Become a Patient 

In order to attend the clinic, you must provide proof of a recent, negative mammogram or ultrasound. You should not be under active breast cancer treatment. 

If you're concerned about breast health because of pain, we're here to help. For more information on our breast pain clinic, call 909-651-5438

“I felt so alone in my pain until I showed up to my first clinic full of a large group of women. I share all that I learn with every woman I come across and encourage them to attend the clinic.”

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