Older man inquiring about INF treatment.
What is INF Treatment?
By Dr. Bussell - June 20, 2017

First, let me just say how excited and honored I am to share this exciting new treatment with the Loma Linda University Health community and its patients. Intraneural Facilitation or INF™ has always been near-and-dear to my heart beginning with my cancer diagnosis in 2010. It was this very treatment that I found relief from nerve pain. Now, it’s my turn to help others find similar relief.

INF™ was designed to reduce or eliminate chronic nerve pain often felt in the arms, hands, legs and feet. It’s a safe and effective treatment that utilizes three unique holds — in which tiny openings in the arteries surrounding the nerves are opened to improve blood flow.

Remember, a reduction in blood flow accompanies neuropathy and creates nerve pain.

INF™ stimulates healing by improving blood flow in specific nerves, with the goal of reducing the pain patients experience on a daily basis.

The treatment involves 10-20 one hour therapy sessions conducted over four-eight weeks. INF™ treatment is noninvasive and does not require surgery or medications.

Did You Know?

Over 75% of INF™ patients begin to feel relief after just their first treatment.

Treatment plans will vary for each patient depending on their pain, and can also apply to patients suffering from migraines, sports injuries, fibromyalgia and much more. Each patient will begin with a comprehensive evaluation to identify the specific nerves causing pain. This will also include a discussion of physical and nutritional factors contributing to the symptoms.

Additional diagnostic tests will also be performed to determine how the peripheral nerves are being impacted by the peripheral circulatory vessels. We will use an ultrasound — similar to the kind used to identify a heart attack — to monitor your nervous system.

It’s then we can map out the appropriate treatment plan for you and your pain needs. Exercise and nutrition will also play an integral role in helping to reduce nerve pain. Regular activity (walking, swimming or cycling) combined with a gluten-free diet will contribute to the treatment plan.

Take the Next Step

If you’re suffering from nerve pain, our Neuropathic Therapy Center may be able to help using a breakthrough physical therapy treatment called Intraneural Facilitation or INF.™ For more information and to schedule an evaluation, call 909-558-6799 or request information online.

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