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By Dr. Bussell - July 25, 2017

Pain is just a figment of your imagination, right?

Well, yes and no. Pain is perceived differently from one individual to the next. How you react to pain will vary. For those tortured by chronic nerve pain, it can consume every waking hour and minute.

But, what if you could take your mind off the pain for just a second?  Could you do it?

Your mind may tend to focus on a lot of things throughout the day (and for some into the night) without even taking a minute to rest. You may focus on only the pain and how it affects you in a negative way. The goal is to train your mind to switch off the bad and turn on the good.

Take a moment to try the following exercises to turn your mind away from the pain.

Focus on Pain-Free Areas

If you’re hurting from nerve pain in the feet, concentrate on what your hands can do instead. Think about it — if you’re hands are pain-free that can offer an additional source to draw, write, color, take pictures, etc. Don’t limit yourself to what you can’t do, but rather, allow yourself to focus on what you can do.

Think Positively

We’ve all heard the saying “It could be a lot worse” at one time or another. Though many of us are hurting on a daily basis and often find it difficult to get around easily, we still have the ability to enjoy life’s pleasures. It’s important to think positively about what we have — the people in our lives, good food, a roof over our heads, etc. You might be surprised to see how your levels of pain can be reduced by simply thinking with a positive attitude.

Distract Yourself

This doesn’t have to be complicated. Trust me, when we’re doing anything else (walking, swimming, praying, talking with friends, going to the movies) it’s hard to notice our pain or discomfort. When you focus on things outside of the pain, this allows the mind, body and soul to let go of the toxins and frustrations often felt.

Breathe Deeply

Have you ever thought about how you breathe? Probably not, considering most of us do this without even thinking about it. The truth is if you concentrate on how you breathe, you tend to forget about the pain. First, find a comfortable spot. Don’t be distracted by the phone, television or other devices. All you need to do is close your eyes and take a deep breath in and slowly exhale out. Think about your diaphragm expanding and chest rising and falling as you continue the exercise. Just focus on breathing!

Visualize the Good

Or as I like to call it, find your happy place. Is it sitting on the beach in Hawaii or watching the sunrise over the mountains? Think about the things, places or people that make you happy. Perhaps, recall a memorable birthday party in which all your friends and family were there or picking up your grandchild for the first time and never wanting to let them go.

Our lives, or more importantly our minds, don’t have to be consumed by pain 24/7. It’s important to take the time to rest and focus on what makes you happy instead.    

Take the Next Step

If you’re suffering from nerve pain, our Neuropathic Therapy Center may be able to help using a breakthrough physical therapy treatment called Intraneural Facilitation or INF.™ For more information and to schedule an evaluation, call 909-558-6799 or request information online.

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