Healing Hands - A Grateful Patient Program

The doctor who calms your fears when you rush to the Emergency Department. The therapist who gets you back on your feet. The nurse who holds your hand as you give birth to your first child. Every staff member at Loma Linda University Health shares the same goal — to make you and your loved ones whole again.

When we’re in the hospital, we’re at our most vulnerable. Our caregivers — whether a doctor, nurse, therapist or chaplain — care for us emotionally and spiritually as well as physically. At Loma Linda University Health, that speaks to our mission to treat the whole person.

Healing Hands. Honor a caregiver.

The premier medical organization in the region, Loma Linda University Health depends on the support of former patients and their families who received the best, most compassionate care possible. We also know that patients sometimes bond with their caregivers. That’s why we created Healing Hands, a grateful patient program where you can make a gift to Loma Linda University Health and honor a physician or staff member who helped make your stay easier.

two women form LLUH


Sharon Fabbri and Pamela Timothy, cardiology nurse practitioners who were honored by a grateful patient through the Healing Hands program.
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“The care I experienced from everyone at LLUH was incredible. Even in their attention to the little details… I can't even describe how great of an experience I had.”

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Healing Hands?

"Healing Hands" is Loma Linda University Health's grateful patient program, created to connect with patients who want to be a part of what we do by giving back philanthropically to the organization. Gifts may be of any amount, directed to any area, and in honor of physician, staff member or volunteer.

Who can make a gift through this program?

Patients and their family members or friends may donate in honor of any healthcare provider, support staff member or volunteer who has positively impacted their experience. For non-caregiver tribute gifts (celebration or ;memorial gifts), visit the LLUH Giving site (About Us - Giving | Loma Linda University Health (lluh.org) and click the "Give Now" button in the upper right corner.

Who can be recognized through this program?

Attending and resident physicians, nursing and support staff, therapists, chaplains, volunteers, students on clinical rotations... anyone at Loma Linda University Health who has positively impacted a patient's experience.

What are some ways to give?

Cash gifts (checks or credit card) can be made online or by calling the Healing Hands staff at 909-654-1757. If you are interested in supporting Loma Linda University Health through gifts of property and stock, retirement plans, wills and trusts, call the Office of Planned Giving at 909-558-4553 or visit Loma Linda University Health Planned Giving.

Where will my gift go?

Your giving supports the greatest need at Loma Linda University Health. At times that may be cutting edge research, new and improved equipment, and/or support for the institution's health care priorities, including ways to enhance patient care. If you have a specific area of interest, just let us know! We are very happy to help you give to that area.

When I give to recognize a caregiver, will he or she be notified?

Yes, they will! First time honorees are given a special silver lapel pin to wear proudly. Your comments for them are shared at a staff meeting in front of their peers, or via email to them and their supervisor if they have been honored previously. To see if your caregiver or special staff member has been honored before, email healinghands@llu.edu or call 909-654-1757.

Is there a minimum to give to recognize my caregiver?

There is no minimum or maximum. We appreciate your gifts and will put it to the best use at Loma Linda University Health.

Are staff allowed to personally accept gifts?

Loma Linda University Medical Center's gift acceptance policy states that employees may not accept cash gifts or gift cards from patients, or non-monetary gifts valued over $35. Through the Healing Hands program, you can make a gift in their honor instead!

How else can I help?

Your time and talents are valuable too! To learn more about volunteer opportunities, visit Loma Linda University Health Volunteer Services.

Who can I talk to about this further?

For more information, please call the Loma Linda University Health Office of Philanthropy, Healing Hands Grateful Patient Program at 909-654-1757 or email us at HealingHands@llu.edu.