Healing Hands - A Grateful Patient Program

The doctor who calms your fears when you rush to the Emergency Department. The therapist who gets you back on your feet. The nurse who holds your hand as you give birth to your first child. Every staff member at Loma Linda University Health shares the same goal — to make you and your loved ones whole again.

When we’re in the hospital, we’re at our most vulnerable. Our caregivers — whether a doctor, nurse, therapist or chaplain — care for us emotionally and spiritually as well as physically. At Loma Linda University Health, that speaks to our mission to treat the whole person.

Healing Hands. Honor a caregiver.

The premier medical organization in the region, Loma Linda University Health depends on the support of former patients and their families who received the best, most compassionate care possible. We also know that patients sometimes bond with their caregivers. That’s why we created Healing Hands, a grateful patient program where you can make a gift to Loma Linda University Health and honor a physician or staff member who helped make your stay easier.

patient with medical caregivers

Make a Gift to Honor a Caregiver

When you make a gift through Healing Hands, you have the opportunity to send a message to a caregiver who made your stay more comfortable. That recognition will let them know that their dedication did not go unnoticed and inspire them each day.
Make a Gift
two women form LLUH


Sharon Fabbri and Pamela Timothy, cardiology nurse practitioners who were honored by a grateful patient through the Healing Hands program.
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“The care I experienced from everyone at LLUH was incredible. Even in their attention to the little details… I can't even describe how great of an experience I had.”