The expert surgeons in our Limb Lengthening Institute specialize in just that: offering leading-edge care for people with upper and lower extremity deformities. 

Our high level of expertise in fixing limb deformities means you will have the best possible outcomes. Our goal is to restore your mobility, improve function and decrease disability.

Why Choose Loma Linda University International Limb Lengthening Institute

  • Only facility on the west coast that offers limb lengthening services
  • Well-recognized surgeons with an international reputation for humanitarian efforts
  • Doctors who understand that a limb deformity can lead to physical and mental impediments to feeling whole
  • Specialists address your physical, mental and spiritual needs and develop a unique, individual treatment plan prior to treatment
  • Latest technology, devices and surgical techniques to create innovative treatment plans to fit your needs
My family's experience is incredible. Our physician performed wonderfully well for our daughter's surgery. We will never forget him and his kindness. He is the best after God almighty.

International Patient Services