Our Faculty and Residents

A friendly and collegial atmosphere is enjoyed by our team.  Faculty are readily available to trainees for teaching and discussion, providing substantial opportunities for one-on-one mentoring. Two of our core faculty members are graduates of our thoracic surgery training program.

Adult Cardiac Surgery

Thoracic Surgery

Pediatric Cardiac Surgery


Samuel Brown, MD

Samuel Brown, MD

James Butz, MD

James Butz, MD

Dean Spencer, MD

Dean Spencer, MD



Graduate Career Paths

Year Academic/Private Practice Location
2022 Private Practice Texas
2021 Private Practice Michigan
2020 Private Practice Florida
2019 Academic Texas
2018 Private Practice California
2017 Private Practice Kansas
2016 Academic North Carolina
2015 Academic Mississippi
2014 Private Practice Kentucky
2013 Private Practice California
2012 Academic California


Alumni Testimonial

My experience at Loma Linda was unparalleled. I learned how to be a safe surgeon and developed a good sense of judgment to know when and when not to operate. I also appreciated that the faculty of Loma Linda are constantly striving to improve their practice utilizing the newest technologies available to our specialty. I have been able to start a robotic CT surgery program at my hospital, and I anticipate growing my practice rapidly based on the things I learned while at Loma Linda. I would not have reservations about recommending Loma Linda to aspiring CT trainees.

Dr. Abishek Kashyap

2023 Graduate

Dr. Abhishek Kashyap