About the Program:

The Therapeutic Medical Physics Residency program in the Department of Radiation Medicine at LLUMC offers clinical training in a broad range of categories in medical physics. It is a 2 year program designed for individuals with an MS and/or a PhD from a CAMPEP accredited Medical Physics Graduate program.  The objective of the medical physics residency training program is to educate and train medical physicists to a level of competency sufficient for independent, professional practice in therapy medical physics. This program started in 2015 and is CAMPEP accredited.

Department Staff

4 PhD Physicists
3 MS Physicists
6 Dosimetrists
9 Radiation Oncologists


We have three linear accelerators, a dedicated CT scanner, a PET-CT scanner, a patient immobilization facility, a device manufacturing facility, and a physics/dosimetry lab. MRI center and nuclear medicine facilities are in the immediate vicinity of our department. Loma Linda is also home to world’s first hospital-based Proton Therapy Center, with three isocentric gantries, two fixed beam-lines, and a research room with three additional fixed beam-lines. We also offer radiation therapy at satellite facilities in Beaumont, CA (about 25 miles from LLUMC) and Murrieta, CA (about 40 miles from LLUMC). Both these facilities have one LINAC each.

We treat many types of cancers with x-rays and protons. We perform 3D-CRT, IMRT, SRS, SBRT, TBI, and ocular treatments. We also offer LDR brachytherapy and Sr-90 ophthalmic treatment for pterygium. In addition, we have an affiliation agreement with Long Beach Memorial Medical Center in Long Beach, CA, under which the physics residents spend two 6-week clinical rotations there to receive clinical training in tomotherapy and HDR procedures.

In addition to the residency program in medical physics, we also have a residency program in radiation oncology, a radiation therapy technology program, and a medical dosimetry program.

Application and Review Process:

Interested applicants must apply through the Medical Physics Residency Application Program (MP-RAP) and register with the Medical Physics Residency Matching Program  (MedPhys Match).  All applications are reviewed by an admission committee. The applicants are evaluated initially based on the submitted application materials. The top ranking candidates are invited for an on-site interview. Following the on-site interview, a rank list is prepared and submitted to the MedPhys Match. The matched candidate are accepted into the program.

Staff Physicists:

Baldev Patyal, PhD, FAAPM, DABR, Director
Abiel Ghebremedhin, PhD, DABR, Lead Physicist, Proton Therapy, Associate Program Director
Anh Ly, MS, DABR, Lead Physicist, Clinical Operations
Prashanth Nookala, MS, DABR
Eric Ramirez, MS
Ning Wang, PhD, DABR
David Choi, PhD, DABR, Lead Physicist, X-ray Therapy
Cal Glisson, MPH, Director of Radiation Safety
Michael Campbell, MS, DABR, Associate Program Director, Long Beach Memorial Medical Center

Medical Physics at Loma Linda

Upcoming Residents:

Abdullah Alshreef, PhD

Current Residents:

Touhid Feghhi, PhD*

*Had to drop due to family emergency

Past Residents:

Vincent Ugarte, PhD
Weili Zheng, PhD
Sherif Gadoue, PhD
Jonathan Thropay, MS
Yuwei Zhou, PhD

For any questions regarding our program please contact:

Pamela Figueroa, Administrative Assistant
Or Baldev Patyal: bpatyal@llu.edu