Report to your site assignment:

Medical students are assigned to one of 3-rotation sites:

During your rotation, you may run into a complex, interesting patient or you may ask a resident or attending to help you pull the medical records of one they think would be a good case to present.

Most grand rounds are done in a case report style format:

  • HPI
  • Anterior exam
  • Posterior exam - photos
  • Differential
  • Workup, imaging, labs, etc.
  • In-depth review of diagnosis, treatment, etc.
  • References

Find a resident and attending to help review your PowerPoint before you present. Having a well polished presentation can make you a memorable applicant for the program. This is your chance to shine!

Be sure to include your grand rounds in your application resume. Review your PowerPoint before interviews, you may be asked about it, even at other institutions!