The combined Internal Medicine and Pediatrics Residency (or Med-Peds) is a four-year program jointly sponsored by the departments of Internal Medicine and Pediatrics. As a resident, you receive broad, in-depth training to enhance your ability to provide skilled, compassionate care to adults and children.

Our faculty and residents represent a diverse range of backgrounds and beliefs, strengthening our ability to provide whole person care. We seek residents with the drive to meet the medical and spiritual needs of patients in underserved areas locally and globally.

Why Choose Us for Med-Peds

  • Unique learning environment: Our residents practice as primary care providers at our own clinic, separate from categorical internal medicine and pediatrics residents. The clinic is chiefed by Med-Peds attendings, and our patients are a mix of private and public insurance.
  • Broad range of experience: We serve an area that includes 4.6 million people with a large referral base. You’ll develop the skills needed to serve a diverse range of patients, disease processes, and disease severity.
  • Pursue your career anywhere: Our graduates are prepared for any clinical setting, including primary care, hospitalist medicine, fellowship training, and hospital leadership and administration.
  • Serve the underserved: We serve the nation’s 13th largest metropolitan area, which includes San Bernardino — one of the lowest-income cities of its size or larger in the U.S.
  • Whole person care: Our faculty and residents embody the concept of whole person care, emphasizing the social, mental, spiritual, and physical components of each patient and family. We strive to emphasize whole person care for our residents as well.

Quick Facts

Yearly pediatric visits to our Children's Hospital
Yearly adult visits to our Medical Center
Number of residents in the program
Portrait of Dr. Kay Chea
Portrait of Dr. Kay Chea
“Our faculty is united in our goal of delivering excellent clinical care and quality education to our residents and students. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions. We’re looking forward to meeting you soon.”