As part of the Loma Linda University Health Education Consortium (LLUHEC), our program aims to develop highly skilled and knowledgeable physicians who provide compassionate care in the field of infectious diseases (ID). We seek to equip our graduates with the ability to:

  • Provide high quality and accessible care to the communities they serve.
  • Perform and interpret medical research.
  • Understand and administer the quality improvement process.
  • Identify and address systemic health disparities in medicine.

Quick Facts

Serving the state’s 5th most populated county
County’s first and only ID fellowship
Lvl 1 Trauma Center serving 25% of state’s area

Why Choose Loma Linda University Infectious Diseases Fellowship

  • Get broad-based clinical training within a Level 1 Trauma Center.
  • Serve the region’s diverse community, including special populations such as those underrepresented in medicine, immunocompromised and transplant recipients, persons living with and at high risk for HIV-1 infection, and U.S. veterans.
  • Undertake global health experiences within the Adventist Health International network.
  • Complete a curriculum emphasizing scholarly work, including research, quality improvement, and community health/outreach in partnership with LLU’s large scientific community and local and international health partners.
  • Train in an environment where your wholeness is a primary focus, supported through initiatives to foster fellow wellness and community.
"We are thrilled to bring about San Bernardino County's first ID fellowship program. Our program seeks to bring about a strong tradition of fostering the development of well-rounded physicians and leaders in the field of infectious diseases."