Thank you for your interest in the Clinical Cardiac Electrophysiology Fellowship at Loma Linda University Health Education Consortium (LLUHEC).

Our Clinical Cardiac Electrophysiology (CCEP) Fellowship is an integral part of our well-established Electrophysiology program. While the fellowship program may be relatively new, we have a rich legacy in the field of electrophysiology and are on the leading edge of pacing and arrhythmia management. With a long history of training high-caliber, proficient, and compassionate cardiologists, our institution has expanded its commitment to include the electrophysiologists of the future. We are eager to provide practical, hands-on training to shape the next generation of clinical cardiac electrophysiologists.

Why Choose Us

  • Legacy of Excellence: Building on LLU's long history of excellence in cardiovascular education and care.
  • Innovative Curriculum: A balanced curriculum with exposure to a wide variety of cases, ensuring extensive practical experience in managing complex cardiac arrhythmias.
  • State-of-the-Art Facilities: Train with some of the most advanced technologies in Arrhythmia care.
  • Whole Patient Care Focus: A patient-centered approach that underlines the importance of compassionate care alongside clinical excellence, aligning with our motto to "Make Man Whole."
  • Research Opportunities: Access to research projects and collaborations with experts in the field.
  • Beautiful Southern California Weather: Enjoy residing in an area known for its consistely pleasant weather which contributes to an outstanding quality of life, complemented by great school districts nearby, enriching your professional journey and family life.

What our Leadership is Saying

Tahmeed Contractor, MD

Program Director

Join us at LLUMC's EP Fellowship Program, where we honor a legacy of cardiovascular education and commit to the highest standards of clinical excellence. Immerse yourself in an unparalleled program that uses the latest technological advancements to care for patients with arrhythmias.

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