Loma Linda University Faculty Medical Group provides its fellows with a compensation program that is highly competitive in today's market.

Benefits in Brief

2020 - 2021 Salary Structure

PGY-6 PGY-7 & PGY-8
$70,350.00 $75,500.00


Disability Insurance

Short Term Disability: 
In accordance with policy provisions. Mandatory contributory policy for short Term Disability. Equivalent to 60% of weekly gross compensation to a maximum weekly benefit of $3,750.00.

Available after 60 days from date of disability to a maximum of six (6) months. 

Long Term Disability: 
In accordance with policy provisions. Mandatory contributory policy for Long Term Disability, also equivalent to 60% of weekly gross compensation to a maximum monthly benefit of $20,000.00.

Available after 180 days from date of disability. 

The Salary cap for Short-Term Disability is $325,000; for Long-Term Disability it is $400,000.

Full-and part-time employees: At least .75 FTE status.
All others: Less than .75 FTE status are not eligible.

Employee HR

LLU Faculty Medical Group’s Professional Employment Department is located at: 

Coleman Pavilion
11175 Campus St., Suite 11120
Loma Linda, CA 92350

Family/Parent Leave

Twelve (12) weeks of family/medical leave, without pay but with continued benefits, is available for personal illness or family needs within the guidelines of the Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA).

Flexible Spending Account

In accordance to Plan Document provisions. Health plan buy-in contributions, Medical expense reimbursement and dependent care benefits are available on a pre-tax basis. For new full-time or part-time benefit eligible employees, the flexible spending health reimbursement account and dependent coverage will begin the day your health/dental insurance begins. 

Full-time: At least .75 FTE status
Part-time: .50 to .70 FTE status
Per-diem: Not eligible

Employer Contribution: 
Not Applicable

Employee pre-tax contributions: 
Health plan premium conversion: Based on full-and part-time buy-in rates.

Medical Reimbursement:
Up to $2,750/yr; Dependent Care reimbursement: Up to $5,000/yr. (Only those with a salary less than $125k in the previous year with FMG, may participate in Dependent Care reimbursement).

Life Insurance

In accordance to policy provisions. Employer paid premiums for employee group term policy, guarantee issue of $300,000.00

Full-and Part-time employee: At least .75 FTE status
All others: Less than .75 FTE status are not eligible.

Employer Contributions: 
$300,000: $54/month; $648/yr

Employee Contributions: 
Applicable to additional coverage beyond guarantee issue amount which is rated the same as the employer group rate, which is $.18 per $1,000 of coverage. 

Malpractice Liability Coverage

Fully employer paid in accordance to Operating Policy Provisions. The professional liability trust provides coverage on an occurrence basis, and covers all claims during the course of employment from inception to termination, irrespective of when a claim may be made. Therefore, no “tail” coverage premium will be required of the employee upon termination of employment. 

All employees are covered based on approved clinical FTE status. 

Employer Contributions: 
Monthly rates vary based on clinical rating.

Medical and Dental Coverage

Our excellent comprehensive medical and dental plan includes prescriptions and is provided at minimal cost to you and your dependents. More information about your insurance coverage and preferred providers are available by visiting the Living Whole website. 

Monthly Contribution 

Medical Coverage

Wholeness Plan with Wellness Discount

Medical Coverage

Wholeness Plan

Medical Coverage

Base Plan

Dental Coverage 

Employee (EE) $45 $195 $95 $5
EE & Children $155 $380 $240 $20
EE & Spouse $180 $405 $280 $30
Family $290 $590 $435 $55

Paid Leave

Eight (8) holidays per year, excluding call responsibility: New Years, Presidents Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, Day After Thanksgiving and Christmas Day.

Full-and Part-time: At least .50 FTE status are Eligible.

Vacation Days:
Year 1-5: Accrual equivalent to 20 days per fiscal year with bank maximum of 25 days.

Sick Leave Days:
10 days per fiscal year with no carry-over.

Continuing Medical Education (CME) Days:
5 to 10 days per fiscal year with no carry-over (days vary by department/profession)

Continuing Medical Education (CME) Dollars:
Dollar amount to be determined by department; per fiscal year benefit with no carry-over.

Retirement Plan

Employees may choose to participate in the 403(b) program by choosing a percentage of dollar amount to be taken off their paycheck per pay period pre-tax, after-tax or a combination of both.Employer contributions of 5% of total gross compensation up to the first $285,000.00 in earnings and will be credited to participants accounts annually; no later than September of the following year.

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