Welcome to Interested Applicants

Welcome! We appreciate your interest in our education programs, and the time and effort it has taken to make it out here to come visit us.

We offer education programs for medical students, residents and fellows.

Our Mission Statement for our Education Programs is:

The mission of the Loma Linda University Rheumatology Education Program is
to nurture and develop students and health professionals into physicians who are proficient in providing compassionate, multidisciplinary patient-catered
care and are competent in furthering knowledge through engagement in
scholarship. Being part of a Seventh-Day Adventist Christian health sciences institution, our program is committed to traditions of furthering the healing ministry of Jesus Christ ‘to make man whole’.

We take it seriously that you are actually looking over our programs and considering us among your choices. We are very proud of our programs and what it has to offer. Loma Linda University encourages an environment of growth.

Small but nimble. Our division may not be as big as other more renowned programs, but we do have outcomes that define our program as one that delivers on its promises. We have tons of clinical experiences to offer, and we are very proud that we actively collaborate with others outside of our division in both research and education that help augment our program’s quality. We also have a sizeable number of volunteer and research faculty who selflessly devote time and effort to teach our fellows whenever they can.