Which Loma Linda University Health hospitals provide Rheumatology care?

We, our faculty, fellows and residents provide care at three hospitals, namely: 1) Loma Linda University Medical Center (LLUMC), 2) Riverside Regional County Medical Center (RCRMC), 3) Loma Linda Veterans Affairs Medical Center (VA).

Inpatient consultation services are provided at each site. Each site is provided through the operator and corresponding Dept of Medicine a schedule of our on-call fellow and faculty. For any information regarding this please contact our administrative office.

Outpatient Clinics. We currently have one weekly clinic at RCRMC; two fellow clinics and four attending faculty clinics at the VA; and at the LLUMC Faculty Medical Offices (FMO) – weeklong we have faculty clinics along with two half-day fellow continuity clinics. Residents and students participate in the VA and LLU-FMO faculty clinics and at RCRMC clinic.

Majority of inpatient consultations and fellow continuity clinics take place at Loma Linda University Medical Center (LLUMC). LLUMC is a 797 bed tertiary care center serving 33,000 inpatients annually. It is the leading medical center in the Inland Empire.

The Loma Linda VA Medical Center provides medical care to more than 67,000 Veterans living in a 2-county area of San Bernardino and Riverside.  This facility is about two blocks from LLUMC.

11201 Benton Street
Loma Linda, CA 92357
909-825-7084 | 800-741-8387

RCRMC is located south of LLUMC, in the city of Moreno Valley, Riverside County. The acute care hospital has 362 licensed beds, 12 operating rooms. It is a Trauma center. It is a teaching hospital and also affiliated with other educational institutions apart from LLU.

26520 Cactus Avenue
Moreno Valley, CA 92555