LGBT+ Group

The Employee & Student Assistance Program is pleased to announce that we are offering a monthly LGBT+ Group.  This group is for students and employees looking for a safe and confidential space to discuss issues related to being LGBT+. This group provides a safe environment to share common experiences and increase understanding, as well as an opportunity to participate in a supportive community. Topics addressed may include: coming out to yourself and others, religion and spirituality, family relationships, coping skills, and self-acceptance. This group is free and open to all LLUH employees and students. Individuals are welcome to attend all group meetings or drop-in when available.

When: Every 4th Thursday at 7 p.m.
Where: 11360 Mountain View Ave., Hartford Bldg., Suite A, Loma Linda, CA, 92354
Cost: FREE
Group Facilitator: Jana Boyd
Contact (909)558-6050, or ext. 66050

Expectations of Group Members

  1. In order for everyone to express opinions freely, we expect everyone to honor confidentiality. That is, we ask you not to discuss who attended the meeting and what other people said in the meeting with anyone outside of the group.
  2. We expect all group participants to be respectful. This means arriving on time, taking turns talking, and being open to different perspectives.
  3. This group is not a counseling or therapy group. It is a place where we can learn from each other and discuss issues of concern. If you are interested in receiving individual counseling to address personal concerns, speak with the facilitator to find out how to initiate this service.
  4. If the group is not meeting your needs or expectations, if there are situations in which you don’t feel comfortable, or if you have ideas on how to improve the group, the facilitator will be available briefly after each meeting and would welcome your feedback.