The Loma Linda University Health Education Consortium (LLUHEC) Hospice and Palliative Medicine fellowship's mission is to provide excellent, compassionate, whole-person care for our sickest patients in the Inland Empire. We want to train a new generation of palliative care clinicians, educators and leaders who are dedicated to improving quality of life for patients with serious illness and their families.

It is our aim to provide fellows with an interdisciplinary approach to compassionate practice across the patient care spectrum so they can succeed in any clinical, educational, academic or leadership role within the scope of palliative medicine while maintaining resilience and professional fortitude. This is accomplished by exposing fellows to a wide array of clinical experiences across healthcare settings and working with a diverse team of colleagues.

We employ a combination of clinical experience, didactic instruction, and structured reflection to equip fellows to support the best quality of life throughout the course of an illness and to manage factors that contribute to the suffering of patients and their families. Palliative Medicine truly epitomizes LLUH's unique commitment to whole person care